Warrenton Hunt Halloween for the Hounds

A Howl-o-Ween Tail


2020 certainly got off to a very scary start,

with a national health scare frightening the heart.

There have been crazy hurricanes causing great fear

And inferno-like fires leaving people in tears.

Summer brought the murder hornets to our shores,

After that we all thought there couldn’t be more!


But right here in Warrenton something spooky’s going on

Our own mystery unfolding, for which there’s alarm.

People say there’s a horseman riding through the mist,

That he’s haunting the farms, like he’s going down a list.

He visited the Moorings one night under a harvest moon

looming large in the sky as if trumpeting doom!


From there he went to Granville where the Nashes had a fright

When the horseman came galloping by in the dark of night

O’er the stone walls of Land Ho and the O’Bannon place

The Saffers said they heard hounds sounding, as if in chase.

Through the fields of Oakwood he went before dawn,

What a scream could be heard from Caroline Collomb!


From there his trail went cold, like he had vanished in thin air

Until tracks were found at Ashland, said the Gendrons: “Over there!”

A single set of hoofprints, surrounded by paws of hounds,

Heading ‘round Picket Mountain, horn blowing, such a sound!

Across the polo fields of Hillsborough the rider could be seen,

whip cracking, horn glinting, red coat flapping in the breeze.


Crossing over the gravelly road, with hounds under hoof

The Huntsman headed o’er the hill, past Ridgelea to the Dunbar’s roost.

Then through the kennels he blew, causing hounds and bassets to stir.

Barry and Will said it sounded like a dog fight, with flying of fur.

Over at Clovercroft, where the Tufts had been peacefully asleep,

They woke with a fright, hearing hooves clacking on the street


At Clovelly they left tracks in the arena around the barn

Though they made quite a mess, they left with no harm.

From there the rider could be seen flying through North Wales,

Past the carriage house, the manor and the many horse stalls

What was he chasing? And where would he catch it?

His hounds were determined to run ‘til they got it!


Through the woods he continued, over hills and across streams

Leaving unrest in his path with dogs barking and many screams

Old Flikeid’s Field, now better known as the Mitchell’s

Brought him to a stop, collecting hounds or dropped nickels?

Flecks of scarlet red could be seen on the ground for miles

Between the Larrimore’s and Bartees, throughout the wilds.


From Springview to View Hill, there was nary a trace

As if again he took to the air to get from place to place

Through the Hedges Woods he galloped all the way to Llamorada

Before turning up at Liberty Hall with the horse and hound armada

Billows of steam could be seen rising off the horse’s back

As the dawn was breaking, casting light on the pack


By now hounds numbered in the thousands – Oh the sound!

Each with it’s own pitch, their noses drawn to the ground.

Around the pond they raced past Farley and Brandy Rock

As if in full chase, ghost fox leading them to his spot.

The Huntsman dismounted to praise the ethereal hounds

Who looked to the woods edge to see who was around


Through the mist they could be seen coming from every direction,

Riders of centuries past, gathering for one last collection.

Members of Warrenton Hunt from it’s start in 1887,

Returned to earth just once, from their places in heaven.

Familiar faces could be seen from First Field and Second,

Former huntsmen, some whips, their horses they beckoned


It’s rare that the Harvest moon is shining on Halloween

Seems the occasion stirred nostalgia for old members to see

The sport they held dear, the land they rode with delight

Is dwindling away…large hunt fields are now a rare sight

Perhaps they felt if gathered together every once in a while

They could inspire the living members to continue in style!


It is All Hallow’s Eve, in the year 2020. Where will you be?

At home, showing your support by shopping like a fiend!

Every dollar you spend goes towards feeding our hounds,

Supporting our Huntsman, our whips, our hallowed ground.

Please open your wallets one last time as you get to the end

And give to Feed the Hounds, in memory of an old friend!