Event Details

Winfall Farm

5031 Dumfries Rd, Catlett (Rt 605)

The 3 mile course through the beautiful rolling hills and forests of Winfall Farm and the surrounding Warrenton Hunt country will make for a fabulous day for adventurous riders of all disciplines!

The jumping course offers a great variety of jumps along the winding course including coops, tiger traps and tire jumps. The flat course offers a great variety of terrain with a few stream crossings.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Dogs are strictly prohibited.

  2. Competing for the series Championship? If you need the points, you must pre-enter on the Central Entry Office website.

  3. Flat riders should not expect to go before 11:00 am 


Hunt – More formal than the Fall Fun Hunter Pace

How to Register (will be posted here when available)

Just out to have fun? Register for the Open Division online, or sign up at Winfall the morning of the event!

Competing for points in the Series Championship? Register for the Hunt Division online. There are no day-of entries for this division.


Open Division
$30 per horse/rider


$30 per horse/rider
Open Division $35 per horse/rider

Day of the event

$35 per horse/rider

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