Event Details

Millpoint Farm/Clovercroft

8714 Springs Rd., Warrenton, VA

Part of the Virginia Fall Hunter Pace Series!

Bring a partner and your trusty steeds and ride a course through fields and forests as part of the 2022 Virginia Fall Hunter Pace Series. All jumps are optional and can be ridden around or through a gate. The courses are well marked and you will not need to walk them. The goal is to get as close to the time our hunt staff takes to cover the course at “optimal speed.”

For more information about the Virginia Fall Hunter Pace Series, click here.


  • Hunt (jump)
  • Pleasure (flat)
  • Junior (1 or more riders under 16 on a team)


  • 1st place prize
  • Ribbons 1st – 4th

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Helmets are required.
  2. Negative Coggins required.
  3. No unsound horses.
  4. No dogs.
  5. Bring your own water for your horse.
  6. Refreshments will be available.



How to Register

  1. Choose team captain.
  2. Complete entry form.
  3. Submit signed waiver.
  4. Submit negative Coggins.
  5. Pay fees.
  6. Times are first come, first served.



Under 16




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